WrightEagle is the first Chinese RoboCup team, established in 1999. Since then, the team has annually participated in RoboCup competitions ranging from soccer simulation to real robot leagues. The team is also the first RoboCup 4-Legged and SPL team from China. In the previous RoboCup world championships, the team won the first place 12 times and the second place 11 times. We also organized RoboCup 2008 and 2015 in China.

We launched the KeJia Project in 2008 and have participated in the RoboCup@Home competition since 2009. We built our robot KeJia from scratch and upgraded it into the third generation. Over the past 5 years, robot KeJia has been well-recognized in the RoboCup@Home competitions and more broadly by the AI community to some extent. Now robot KeJia is not only a competition-proven platform for RoboCup@Home league, but also an experiment-proven platform for research and education in Robotics and AI.

Table. The Awards Won Using Robot KeJia

Event Competition Award
RoboCup 2015 Service Robot Benchmarking 1st Place
RoboCup 2015 @Home 2nd Place
RoboCup 2014 @Home 1st Place
RoboCup 2013 @Home 2nd Place
IJCAI 2013 Video Competition The Best Autonomous Robotics Award
IJCAI 2013 Robot Competition The First Prize for General Robot Skills
RoboCup 2012 @Home 4th Place
RoboCup 2011 @Home 2nd Place