KeJia Robotics

KeJia Standard Robot Platform is a commercialized product of robot KeJia, which has been used in the annual RoboCup@Home competition since 2009 with outstanding achievements---a champion and three runners-up in the past 5 years. After the 8-year evolution through practice in competition, research and education, now the platform is suitable for both specialists and newcomers in Robotics and related fields. It provides easy-to-use functionalities and tools in a way that users can develop their own application much easier, instead of doing it from scratch.


  • Full-size photograph

  • No sharp edges

  • Laser

  • Pan-tilt unit for cameras

  • Two-finger gripper

  • Safe design

Full autonomy

On-board sensing and computation devices of the proposed platform are sufficient to fully autonomously execute the tasks desired in the current RoboCup@Home competitions. We also have a configuration that allows for an additional external laptop to be used to increase on-board computation.

Navigation capabilities

The robot can move in the environment approximately at the same speed of a person for relatively long paths. It is also able to move in an indoor environment where small gaps (e.g., spaces between doors, small gaps at the entrance of an elevator, etc.) are present.

Interaction capabilities

The robot has enough visual and depth field of view to see a person around it and to see possible obstacles on the ground. It has the ability to interact with peoples in a natural way using speech (through on-board frontal microphones and speakers), gesture (through on-board cameras and robot arm) and GUI (through a touch-screen device).

Manipulation capabilities

The robot can pick and place small objects normally found in a house, an office, etc. (e.g., glasses, small bottles, cans, cereal boxes, books, etc.) It is able to grasp objects at table level (possibly also at higher levels) or on the ground.